Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hope ya fall in love with this Swedish Jazz Group PAAVO I just got turned onto. If so, please come with me to Moosebacke April 21st, they're playin' LIVE!!! ;-D

"Paavo, a whimsical septet from Sweden with vocalist Sofia Jernberg and pianist Cecilia Persson as co-leaders, offered another dimension of Scandinavian jazz. Intermingling clarinet, saxophone, drums, bass and xylophone, Paavo made discreet nods to Anthony Braxton and Henry Threadgill with its fondness for marches, waltz and folky melodicsm."

/John Murph, Down Beat Magazine

Miz Fuze only wants to sing n' strut! Guess the birds will have to rep it. Spring has got em up at f*ckin' 4am, CHIRP LOUD!!!

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