Sunday, April 26, 2009

Which JELLYTOT are ya?

Tonite I wonder what my truest talent is? Is it really music? Argh! Is it hairsylin'? Nope. Is it goofin'? Almost. Is it tryin' too hard? Yep. Is it being too stoopidly sensitive? Definitely. Is it procrastinatin'? Guilty. Is it playin' wit the EQ of my bodily noises in empty corridors? HECK YESSS! haha Is it scratchin'? YEP again. Is it poo poo mouth'? Yeh i try to keep it a bit clean for ya here...

"Eye for sightz, ear for soundz, and a heart for the world!"

AEROSOLCHEEZE!!! That's what Petey said when I asked him what my TALENT was? Uh hem amongst other stuff. hehe

What is it about yourself that is certainly n' effortlessly you?

I know this much is true, i get a high when arranging remote controls from largest to smallest on the coffee table. I get a sense of relief washing the compact espresso grounds down the sink. Watchin' it all break apart, OoOOoh. I consider it a gift to get excited over these kind of miniscule tingz.

ps. In a little vacated cafe in Yokohama I found us all bouncin' around.

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