Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eartha Kitt + Freddie Hubbard

Last Xmas 2008 James Brown took flight, now Eartha n' Freddie...Uh.

What can I tell ya about EARTHA. She is one of 3 gentle juggernauts, haha, who changed my life as a performer. [Eartha Kitt, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, yeh ya know it.] Saw her live my first night in NYC at the Blue Note. Captivatin', seXy, and witty as hell. Sighhhh. Got to hear n' hang with Blossom Dearie at Danny's Skylight Room the night after too, craZiness, em little powerful women. My New York city ranger/jazz groupie galpal Louisa and I had quite an epic week. Hangin' with Elvin Jones' bass player in Harlem, ping pongin' at the Fat Cat, wizzin' to the Village Vanguard to see Lewis Nash with Renee Rosnes! Savion Glover, Giant Step party at APT, um and the list goes on and on and on...

FREDDIE HUBBARD's "POVO" was my intro to the infinitely dope trumpeter. My Pops used to play Freddie all the time when us kids were but wee ones. Creed Taylor Release, Skydive 1972. Just the album cover alone DAMN!!! Featuring fellow geniuses Hubert Laws [flute], George Benson [guitar], Keith Jarrett [keys], Ron Carter [bass], Billy Cobham [drums], & Airto Moreira [percussion]. Wohhhh! Might remember that bass line off of Guru's Jazzmatazz with N'dea Davenport some 25 years later, ya know "I like the vibe I get from you babe, that I get from you..."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All Systems Down, Up, n' Around!



We had so much fun makin' the original, back n' forth, the slammin' intro, the verses, the choruses, the breakdown and the...hehe, now hear it in all its varietieseseses. ;-D


'The mighty Opolopo joined here by the one and only songstress Amalia. And to top it off we enlisted none other than Karizma and Simbad under their Izmabad guise, and man did they nail this one. The original is top notch twisted beats business dancefloor murda, and the man Opolopo also turns in one hell of a downbeat remix. Izmabad drops the dutty dutty deep house biznas with remixes equal parts Ferrer and Bradock. Check it out available exclusively at Deeper Soul!'

Much support from Domu, Bopstar, Daz-i-kue, Adam Rock, Moonstarr, L'il Dave, Argo, Garth Trinidad, Raw Fusion Crew, Nick Holder, Kai Lane, Nova, DJ Eleanora n' the list grows...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas IS ALL ABOUT the gifts...

Chuckle Chuckle Gobble Gobble. Anyone who really gets me knows that I ain't too hard to figure out, let me tell ya...spicy food, outrageous art, n' couture fashion are BIG euphoric buzZes for me. Anything over the top or extremely minimalistic. No inbetweenz. Gotta control myself sometimes when wantin' to wear my craZy hats. hahaha I'll talk about that obsession lates. So who would've guessed that my main man OPOLOPO would get me my mos fave prezzie this year. I HEART MY URBAN COOK BOOK! Don't be put off by the title, forget all em establishments wanting street cred by usin' the description in their cheeZy ad campaigns. Check out the content and the visual feast. From inflatable sculptures to JERK chicken, graffiti's Wooster Collective to !K7 records, oh yeh and let's not forget ALL the multitude of recipes from New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam n' London! AY YAY YAY! Gotta hand it to the man King Adz who put it together. I salivate, snuggle n' giggle with it. What more could a girl ask for? Okey maybe my own cargo plane so we could go feed all starving folkz...Hmmm.

Oh and please if ya need some auditory inspiration, check the latest Matthew Herbert Big Band Album featuring the one and only ESKA. My theme music right now. UNBELIEVABLY MIND EXPANSIVE, all em horns! Check Pontificate and Battery, em trax get my juices flowin'. ;-D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Snowman Showdown!"

There's really nuttin' else better to do than build a snowman on a snowfilled xmas eve! Forget the tree, forget the prezZies, no need for a turkey [yet], hehehohohaha. Me and one of my bestest SOULFUL pervertz, Miss ZENOBIA Salik agreed to have a "Snowman Showdown" today via internet. Since we're both snowed in at our seperate homes and unable to get to one another, we figured wtf, it'll be silly n' inspiring! Well, it didn't happen. Sigh. 2 tingz. The DAMN snow wouldn't stick AND I saw these?!?! Yes yes ya'll, just when ya think that seXy snowman of your dreamz could give ya enuf satisfaction, ya realize, HECK there are way more innovative tingz to do. haha I got enuf snow on my block to make a dinosaur!!!

So what say you Zen? Let's try tomorrow? Uh huh!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Globe Shakin' - Vancouver versus Stockholm

So craZzzzzy! Icing sugar all over Vancity. Yum Yum! Meanwhile on the far side of the planet, my other home Stockholm, we have a giant sneeze of snotty icicles courtesy of my jazz gurl Jeanette Lindström. ;-P

Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome! Mabuhay!


I just unleashed the beast! Now what? Hmmmm.

Click HERE to hear what I bake...