Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mad scientists n' professor sweaters...

I'm sittin' here sippin' on ginger tea and eatin' ginger chocolate. I'm sicky poo AGAIN so everyting has to be ginger now, that way I enjoy being sick more ;-)

I realize that I am terrible at writin' on the day ABOUT the day. I find that what I usually want to share with ya, are moments from my past NOT my immediate past, those that have been inspired or brought forward by the present day. Anywayz, i'm tryin' my darnest just so there is some kind of chronological order to the process.

Yep, so last nite, YAY I'm writin' about last nite. I went to Jazz i Lilla Hotellbaren for the um 4th, 5th, 6th time. I LOVE FREE JAZZZZZZZ! [I don't mean 'FREE' jazz i mean, free jazz where ya don't have to worry about the playas not makin' mula, ya just walk in and support with your drinkz, earz, head nodz n' OH YEHZzzzZ!)

This NU jazz nite in Stockholm is FUN! The dudez who run it, Adam Forkelid and Thomas Wingren are like big JAZZ brothas to me, the audience are like quirky siblings, and the folkz who play are MAD SCIENTISTS! What they do on their instruments is intelligent and their sense of style is quite professor-ish cool. Well the 2 gigs that had me all jiggly, haha, both dudez Erik and Fabian had craZy hair like Einstein!!!

Or should we say? "Knullrufs" pronounced ka-nool-roofs.

Swedish word of the day. haha. Translation: messy hair after sex...

Erik Lindeborg's
arrangements are delicately beautiful and melodic.
Fabian Kallerdahl
has this playfulness to him I'll think you'll dig.

Miz Fuze can't find the vid of opolopo's youthful Jean Michel-Jarre cutz! ;-(

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