Sunday, April 5, 2009

IisiJii Debut Download

For all of ya'll who are needin' a little FRESH to spray under em pitz, to move that hump, to drop in yo' mouth. Think of this as a grocery bag FILLED wit the FRESHEST bananaz, coconutz, tomatoez, n' pepperz! Sure ya can rub it all over if ya like....haha. For over 2 years now, we've been friendz and let me tell ya, IisiJii is not only incredibly-gifted-audibly but a solid dude AND I mean SOLID! Watch out for our project a brewin'... Bruhaha!

Jukka, Deb, Kissey, Replife, Note! So excited to be on the same LP. ;-D

Much Respect to IisiJii!!! Finland!!!


4Lux presents to you the incredible sounds created by the mind of Finnish producer iisiJii. Inside is fairly relentless. A certain tension and tone carry through the album, and while there isn't much deviation from this aesthetic, it's an aesthetic well and truly his and his alone. iisiJii delves far, far into the murk, with headphones firmlyclamped to his ears.

Listening to iisiJii's music, it's very clear just how from the heart it is. That's how it sounds, for real. While striking these emotions, it also raises questions: is this hip-hop, is this soul?

Each of his individual works come across as a collage, filled with different instruments and sounds and samples. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocal. Whatever genre this is, it's one of the best things around, and one of the more palpably forward-thinking sounds around.

This album sounds badass; dope, even, like any good hip-hop electro-soul record should.



02.Definition pt.3 feat.Replife

03.Travel feat.Kissey Asplund

04.Beautiful mind feat.Note

05.Old Moon feat.Amalia

06.Funk me

07.Money got me feat.Amalia

08.Butterfly feat.Deborah Jordan

09.Sleepwalker feat.Note

10.The Loner