Sunday, April 26, 2009

i reminisce...

as i sort thru piles on piles of tunez collected in my memory banks. I'm on the homestretch now!!! 2 more tunes n' overdubz! ;-D

Which JELLYTOT are ya?

Tonite I wonder what my truest talent is? Is it really music? Argh! Is it hairsylin'? Nope. Is it goofin'? Almost. Is it tryin' too hard? Yep. Is it being too stoopidly sensitive? Definitely. Is it procrastinatin'? Guilty. Is it playin' wit the EQ of my bodily noises in empty corridors? HECK YESSS! haha Is it scratchin'? YEP again. Is it poo poo mouth'? Yeh i try to keep it a bit clean for ya here...

"Eye for sightz, ear for soundz, and a heart for the world!"

AEROSOLCHEEZE!!! That's what Petey said when I asked him what my TALENT was? Uh hem amongst other stuff. hehe

What is it about yourself that is certainly n' effortlessly you?

I know this much is true, i get a high when arranging remote controls from largest to smallest on the coffee table. I get a sense of relief washing the compact espresso grounds down the sink. Watchin' it all break apart, OoOOoh. I consider it a gift to get excited over these kind of miniscule tingz.

ps. In a little vacated cafe in Yokohama I found us all bouncin' around.

Friday, April 24, 2009

lush life

"when one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life, to get feel of life..."

The past cup of days have been MIGHTY! The live shows I went to were supa diverse, challengin' and quirky. Yes QUIRKY! Paavo [8 piece that nite] kinda strangely had me thinkin' of Matthew Herbert, Björk, n' Kate Bush. My girl Nikki and I were so uplifted by the extreme calculation of notes. An itsy bitsy vocalist and 4 horns in unison, the harmonies so finely orchestrated n' KILLA! Nuttin' like hearin' live instruments ya know? Oh and the opening trumpet playa Emil Beach-Mountain, yes that's what his last name translates to in English, beautiful eh? Well he was pretty DAMN AMAZIN! Oh and the clarinet/baritone playa!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!

From one gig I ran over to another to check 70's fusion band EGBA. These dudez still have it! The drummer was F*CKIN OFF THE CHAIN. Double kick marathon man. ;-) My brain was fried! Will upload some vidz...

Nasty Man Simon Grey also dropped in the next day with Propellorhead. It was off roamin' the city wit the boyz, huntin' for Nudie jeans, n' talkin' to kangaroos. haha

ps. can't wear jeans to save my life, my hip to arse ratio just won't let it happen, can you say SPANDEX pants pulease. Neon perhaps? haha Enjoy the springy shotz.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

eye spy

Miz Fuze thinks all her outfits shall be built around em rimz...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Universal Love to Stephen Hawking

Dr. Hawking, world famous physicist and author of 'A Brief History of Time' is ill. ;-( Keep him in your heart everyone. Am wearin' my LOVE earrings and all! ;-) He has always amazed me with his GENIUS: his sincerity, intellect, sense of humour, and dedication to explore the unknown! I remember reading 'Black Holes and Baby Universes' a couple of years ago, thanx to Sekoya bandmate/fellow nerd Kearley! The book left me speechless n' hungry to understand more about quantum physics. Check one of my fave interviews, of course with the dearest Charlie Rose...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eat the KNIT!

Took a stroll and wanted to chew it all off like cotton candy! ;-P

Read more about Guerilla Knitting! Too snap seein' how cartoonized our every day environment can become with just a splash of paint or A BALL OF YARN!

Miz Fuze is goin' to 2 jazz shows tonite, PAAVO + EGBA! YAY!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


SPACE FUNK! 1977! Mandre aka Andre Lewis. Payin' supa dupa respect to the SPACEMAN!!! Andre recorded a total of 4 albumz under the helmeted alias. 3 for motown, and 1 more. He was a pastor, ran a gospel choir, helped develop some of the first drum machines, oh yeh and he played keys with Frank Zappa! My kind of dude! Versatile. Hunt for the track Final Funk too...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jonte's Make UP!

Phew! Just finished recordin' the vox for the theme song to a short film on Voguing. This form of modern dance has origins dating back to the 1930's in the Ballrooms of Harlem, no not Madonna! Believe that! Folkz would compete with photo model like poses and fashion.

I had too much FUN! "Walk B*tch, Walk B*tch, Walk for Me! Throw Shade! Throw Shade! Throw Shade!" They're all kinda like battle terms in voguing, where the mc pumps up the dancerz with tellin' em they're a B.I.T.C.H or C.U.N.T. [Both words are of the highest distinction.]

Jenny, the director, and I were both laughin' our asses off by the time we were done, especially when I was directed to shake my head and make droolin' dawg soundz - BRrrrrrrRrrr! haha The perfect segue into the most wildest FIERCEST dancer on this marble we call home!!! He's most famous for choreographin' the boobie slip up with Janet. hehe ;-)


"Blush, eyeliner, hush, see what you made me do. Make up! make up! Base, mascara, erase, I wanna look good for you, make up! make up!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R.I.P Orbitz 1996

SoOOo curiosity had me try find the gravity defyin' soda pop Orbitz. Didn't realize it was a Canadian creation. Ow, just got a flashback of Crystal Clear Pepsi. haha ;-P

Ya see, Orbitz' ballz didn't sink or float, rather they stayed suspended in animation! haha Supa cool like a lava lamp BUT the flavour was YUKKY, hence why they came off the market real fast. Real shame cos they were so much FUN to store in your highschool locker. Yep I used them as decoration to create a funky ambiance...

In the studio with GUY! Psych!

Remember that expression? PSYCH! Oh and Hypercolor tshirts!

Shiyut and that drink Orbitz! There's a fanclub. Join here! hahaha

So here I am, another nite in the studio, reworkin' tingz, rejiggin' harmonies, cuttin' tingz up, take after take, tryin' to lay on the vocal HORN ideas for an interlude. hehe Yep my debut is shapin up, and I can't help but pay homage to a POWER group that never ceases to AMAZE me as I churn out my own future funk...oh my...i really hope ya like...let me tell ya about...

GUY. GROOVE ME. Oh I know you know!!! That track changed my GAWD DAMN SWEET precious life 20 years ago! My cuz Joanne in Hollywood had the tape. I FREAKED OUT immediately! She was into all kinds of good stuff, Jody Watley, The Jets, Sheila E. etc...

I had never heard anything like Teddy Riley before! The NEW JACK SWING!!! The BREAKDOWN had me bustin' moves across the room, my ass gyratin' the only way I knew or had learned to thanx to Digital Underground. SINISTER FUNK! haha I was a salivatin' kid raidin' every record store for the album once I got back to Vancouver. Couldn't find it, had to go back, south of the border to Seattle. hahaha Sam Goody! Oh how I luv em dayz when it's just you and your mirror bustin' it to the most NOSTALGIC trax that shaped ya as a musiclova...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pic of the Day!

Oh MY lanterns! haha. I was lookin' for funky hair cutz and somehow I stumbled on this! See Miss Paws' other creations. I don't know what's worse, the teenage mutant ninja turtle or the chicken?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

wear a CUPCAKE!

What betta way to feel divine & yummy pretty? These are my favourite!



[The BOLDEST milliner for funky gentz n' ladiez]

Miz Fuze is gettin' picture snappy, the SUN is OUT!!!

spring has sprung...

and i just wanna wear purple and climb all over buildings!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

little booty girl n' witches

Been readin' about the Feminist Movement here in Sweden and it's actually makin' me feel blaaaaaaaah, t'is inspiring and I do admire the courage but DAMN em ladies brought out em claws in 'The Gender War'.

I guess I can't be happy go lucky all the time ya know, ya know?! I may be giggly n' a little booty girl but I gotz a socio-political commentary on my mind one 3rd nahhh a quarter of my pie. Owww that reminds me, you have to see the British movie, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!!!

Anywayz, right now young girlz [n' boyz! YAY DRAG!] are dressin' up as Easter Witches kinda like Halloween but not as freaky! haha I think it's wonderful but dare any child finds out what happened to the "real" witches and um ya might want to dress up as a fairy or as an angel, or perhaps be even PROUDER to be a witch. I know I am!

Aside: Shout outs to Dr. Jesse Seary, my Sociology of Deviance prof and Dr. Alan Brain [no joke!] my fave prof in the world! Geesh college seems so long ago. ;-)

Miz Fuze embraces the darkness within...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hope ya fall in love with this Swedish Jazz Group PAAVO I just got turned onto. If so, please come with me to Moosebacke April 21st, they're playin' LIVE!!! ;-D

"Paavo, a whimsical septet from Sweden with vocalist Sofia Jernberg and pianist Cecilia Persson as co-leaders, offered another dimension of Scandinavian jazz. Intermingling clarinet, saxophone, drums, bass and xylophone, Paavo made discreet nods to Anthony Braxton and Henry Threadgill with its fondness for marches, waltz and folky melodicsm."

/John Murph, Down Beat Magazine

Miz Fuze only wants to sing n' strut! Guess the birds will have to rep it. Spring has got em up at f*ckin' 4am, CHIRP LOUD!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mad scientists n' professor sweaters...

I'm sittin' here sippin' on ginger tea and eatin' ginger chocolate. I'm sicky poo AGAIN so everyting has to be ginger now, that way I enjoy being sick more ;-)

I realize that I am terrible at writin' on the day ABOUT the day. I find that what I usually want to share with ya, are moments from my past NOT my immediate past, those that have been inspired or brought forward by the present day. Anywayz, i'm tryin' my darnest just so there is some kind of chronological order to the process.

Yep, so last nite, YAY I'm writin' about last nite. I went to Jazz i Lilla Hotellbaren for the um 4th, 5th, 6th time. I LOVE FREE JAZZZZZZZ! [I don't mean 'FREE' jazz i mean, free jazz where ya don't have to worry about the playas not makin' mula, ya just walk in and support with your drinkz, earz, head nodz n' OH YEHZzzzZ!)

This NU jazz nite in Stockholm is FUN! The dudez who run it, Adam Forkelid and Thomas Wingren are like big JAZZ brothas to me, the audience are like quirky siblings, and the folkz who play are MAD SCIENTISTS! What they do on their instruments is intelligent and their sense of style is quite professor-ish cool. Well the 2 gigs that had me all jiggly, haha, both dudez Erik and Fabian had craZy hair like Einstein!!!

Or should we say? "Knullrufs" pronounced ka-nool-roofs.

Swedish word of the day. haha. Translation: messy hair after sex...

Erik Lindeborg's
arrangements are delicately beautiful and melodic.
Fabian Kallerdahl
has this playfulness to him I'll think you'll dig.

Miz Fuze can't find the vid of opolopo's youthful Jean Michel-Jarre cutz! ;-(

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ja, må du leva, Ja, må du leva,
Ja, må du leva uti hundrade år.
Ja, må du leva, Ja, må du leva,
Ja, må du leva uti hundrade år.

The Swedish Happy Birthday song translates, "Yes may he live long, yes may he live long, yes may he live long for 100 years" and then it goes on to say "And when he has lived for 100 years, then we will shoot him, then we will shoot him, then we will shoot him on a wheelbarrow!" haha

I had to share this sweety tweety old photo of my production wiz n' soulmate Opolopo showin' his little sis his synth/keyboard, a Casio vl-tone. Yeh yeh, ya know I'm a cheeZeball already so sue me!!! Check out the ol' school headphonez n' boom box behind! hehe Can ya believe he was already makin' his own muze back then? Hold up, I got him to play me some cassette tape recordings from when he was 14, I made a little vid of the replay...let me find it!


Looney tunes and toothpaste...hehe

Dope dope DOPE interview with Austria's WONKY MAN!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

IisiJii Debut Download

For all of ya'll who are needin' a little FRESH to spray under em pitz, to move that hump, to drop in yo' mouth. Think of this as a grocery bag FILLED wit the FRESHEST bananaz, coconutz, tomatoez, n' pepperz! Sure ya can rub it all over if ya like....haha. For over 2 years now, we've been friendz and let me tell ya, IisiJii is not only incredibly-gifted-audibly but a solid dude AND I mean SOLID! Watch out for our project a brewin'... Bruhaha!

Jukka, Deb, Kissey, Replife, Note! So excited to be on the same LP. ;-D

Much Respect to IisiJii!!! Finland!!!


4Lux presents to you the incredible sounds created by the mind of Finnish producer iisiJii. Inside is fairly relentless. A certain tension and tone carry through the album, and while there isn't much deviation from this aesthetic, it's an aesthetic well and truly his and his alone. iisiJii delves far, far into the murk, with headphones firmlyclamped to his ears.

Listening to iisiJii's music, it's very clear just how from the heart it is. That's how it sounds, for real. While striking these emotions, it also raises questions: is this hip-hop, is this soul?

Each of his individual works come across as a collage, filled with different instruments and sounds and samples. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocal. Whatever genre this is, it's one of the best things around, and one of the more palpably forward-thinking sounds around.

This album sounds badass; dope, even, like any good hip-hop electro-soul record should.



02.Definition pt.3 feat.Replife

03.Travel feat.Kissey Asplund

04.Beautiful mind feat.Note

05.Old Moon feat.Amalia

06.Funk me

07.Money got me feat.Amalia

08.Butterfly feat.Deborah Jordan

09.Sleepwalker feat.Note

10.The Loner

Friday, April 3, 2009


Miz Fuze sez it's in Finnish, no subtitles! TRUE FUNK! SO PROUD OF MY BROTHA JUKKA FROM ANOTHA MOTHA! More about this later, gotta work.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My latest obsession...REMIX! ;-D

University MARCHIN' BANDS playin' SOUL tunez!

I've officially lost my marblez, do ya remember the marchin' band version of Lucy Pearl's 'Dance Tonite' that made a guess spot on the album! There are so many up on youtube, Jodeci, SWV, Musiq Soulchild...