Friday, April 24, 2009

lush life

"when one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life, to get feel of life..."

The past cup of days have been MIGHTY! The live shows I went to were supa diverse, challengin' and quirky. Yes QUIRKY! Paavo [8 piece that nite] kinda strangely had me thinkin' of Matthew Herbert, Björk, n' Kate Bush. My girl Nikki and I were so uplifted by the extreme calculation of notes. An itsy bitsy vocalist and 4 horns in unison, the harmonies so finely orchestrated n' KILLA! Nuttin' like hearin' live instruments ya know? Oh and the opening trumpet playa Emil Beach-Mountain, yes that's what his last name translates to in English, beautiful eh? Well he was pretty DAMN AMAZIN! Oh and the clarinet/baritone playa!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!

From one gig I ran over to another to check 70's fusion band EGBA. These dudez still have it! The drummer was F*CKIN OFF THE CHAIN. Double kick marathon man. ;-) My brain was fried! Will upload some vidz...

Nasty Man Simon Grey also dropped in the next day with Propellorhead. It was off roamin' the city wit the boyz, huntin' for Nudie jeans, n' talkin' to kangaroos. haha

ps. can't wear jeans to save my life, my hip to arse ratio just won't let it happen, can you say SPANDEX pants pulease. Neon perhaps? haha Enjoy the springy shotz.

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