Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As I sat there eatin' unari and tamago, feastin' on the BEST SUSH I've had in Sweden, shockingly a HUGE portion too, I couldn't help but time travel back to my last adventure at COSTCO in Canada. Mounds of BULK food, crap loads of UNDERWEAR, hey how about some CAR BATTERIES? All for BARGAIN cheapO prices!!! That kind of mentality/desire for mass quantities doesn't really exist in Scandinavia and GAWD DAMNIT I miss it! haha Okey I'm pretty DAMN spoilt here when it comes to candy...ow just you wait...here are some pics from Costco...

Miz fuze just updated her Imeem account...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Futurist Manifesto 1914

A must read for all Futurists!

In 1914, Italian Futurist/Painter Giacomo Balla essentially dissed the Bourgeois 'good taste' and 'niceness' with his writing of 'The Anti Neutral Suit'.

My fave quotes are...

"One thinks and acts as one dresses. Since neutrality is the synthesis of all tradition, today we Futurists display these antineutral, that is, cheerfully bellicose, clothes."

"We want to abolish the mediocrity of moderation, so-called good taste and so-called harmony of colors and forms, that curb our excitement and slow us down."

"The Futurist hat will be asymmetrical and of exhuberant, aggressive colors. Futurist shoes will be dynamic, different from one another in form and color, and happily able to kick all the neutralists."

"Futurist attire will therefore be - Illuminating. Phosphorescent textiles that can ignite temerity in a fearful crowd, spread light around when it rains, and meliorate the dimness of twilight in the streets and in the nerves."

"Every woman will be a walking synthesis of the universe."

Miz Fuze misses Edita and all the ladies...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have this alternate life.

I've been involved in the fashion industry for a while now helpin' funk up all those who dare to wear a HAT at Edie Hats. A creative space for all that want to explore just a little more about themselves. It has been my home away from home.

SoOOo havin' Grace Jones just play Stockholm last Saturday and I missin' the show and secretly wishin' I was her stylist, haha, what better person to display the many alter egos a hat creates. MAGIC!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


You HAVE to check out Japanese dude JET DAISUKE'S VLOG CHANNEL! Just stumbled on him a sec ago and couldn't quit laffin'. The feature vid on NOSEMINTZ is HILARIOUS and his enthusiasm on the microKORG XL and other gadgets is supa CUTE infectious.

Dancerz, designerz n' clownz oh MY!

Anti-socialism didn't last too long eh? I get like that. An introverted extrovert, an outgoin' shy person. Think I was just a little pooped from last nite's gig which...went...very well indeed yOOoo! Opolopo dropped some Ad Bourke, DKD, Amanda Diva, RepLife. Shouts outs! ;-) Remember em clustered discoballz and curtain tassels in Feb? Same place! Yep we played at Malmen's NU cocktailbaren where folkz could literally stop, drop, chat, take a bite off my dinner plate, and sabotage the drumpadz. Quite an intimate affair.

Had tour-de-force voguin'/waackin' instructor/designer Kaiti Dangerkat drop by and many SWEET folkz. DJ Nikkita, clothing designer Hege Edvardsen, contemporary dancer Jenny Baldamar, n' clowness Erika Söderström... ;-) Ha! How I remember names I have no idea! That's Dangerkat in her infamous SCAMPER PANTS. I know I should have snapped more pics, but it's hard when u gotta pretend ur serious wit the jam...;-P

Miz Fuze is a zebra butterfly.


Miz Fuze is in antisocial mode. Intrigued by Swedish artists...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exchange Bureau Detroit

Dear Funkateerz, Soul Junkiez, and Jazzheadz!

I've been feelin' this beacon of HAPPINESS for the past while. Yes indeedy ultra aerosol cheezy! REBIRTH n' REVITALIZATION! REBIRTH n' REVITALIZATION!!!

Now I know many of ya will be drinkin' up that liquid sunshine at WMC!

Please please spread the luv to all about EXB!

Wish I could be there to support with my BOMBASTIC dance moves...

A Diverse Collection Of the Best in Detroit!

You can preview all of the tracks on their blog below.

Monday, March 23, 2009


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YAYAYAYAYAYA! Now if I had been bloggin' 2 years ago, ya would have seen these already. The picz AND vid are from Björk's Volta tour in Vancity. While everyone screamed over her, I screamed over the mutha frikkin' gear!!! HA!

Of course she'd be one of the only artists to afford em [who am I kiddin' she got em for FREE!!!] AND know top notch electronic producers [Matmos etc.] who aren't thinkin' "Hmmm, what does that button do?" haha Pretty DAMN interestin' to read how they function. They're both multi-touch interfaces with visuals that are soOOo pretty, you'll wish your dress could match! What more could a girl ask for?

I'll take a REACTABLE n' 2 LEMUR's please, what only 30, 000 EUROS? Double that order! Don't miss the screams in the live vid 2nd from the bottom.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

touchscreen audiowood um...

I don't know ladies n' gents, I've been dreamin' of the most DIVINE turntable forever and these were 2 that made me do a double take tonite whilst paintin' my walls with purple turtles tootin' chocolat melodix! teehehe

I had to share em witcha cos they're CRAZY and who knew this stuff existed eh? What ya think? Touchscreen? Audiowood! Check the links!

Both embody creativity, one's got a lot of soul and the other um might not look as SOULFUL but it sure does do someting else, well it all depends on the person right?

I'm the FIRST to admit I have a fetish for gadgets. I screamed my head off when I saw the REACTABLE and the LEMUR live together, [i'll put up my vid footage tomoro], but if we HAD to decide which stirred more emotion of these 2 players I think the hand carved wood one WOULD win the prize, but then again, that's just too silly, cos ain't it all about the MUZE being played, NOT the DAMN equipment and what it does?!?!?! Yeh yeh we could get into a spiritual debate about vinyl versus mp3, digital versus analog...

I'm afraid to say the 3rd pic is my love, the ONE I truly desire, THE BAIRD-EMERSON-WONDERGRAM!!! A PORTABLE RECORD PLAYER FROM THE 60's! AY YAY YAY! There's one for sale on ebay from Uruguay. I guess I'm still an ol' school girl. Might need a ziploc bag to keep the sand off while at the beach tho! hehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

dEBut inSpiRAtiOn




90's + 2 zero zero zero's - comin' right up, just too much inspiration DAMNIT!

Miz Fuze is writin' yet anotha tune... ;-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


A precious sista, a controversial aid, an incredible spirit. Shared stages, makeup, smiles, n' bedroom talk with Tagaq a while ago at Victoria's Folk Festival, haha. Dearly miss those unique FREE whimsical chime-full spirits tangible to the touch I've encountered ever so briefly. Similar energy to that of my creative bro Lunareye aka Givian. ;-) Goofy, serious, highly intelligent, child-like, strong, creative as f*ck, but normal kind of folkz...

See her live here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uQBlHy4_Mg

Mis Fuze just watched MILK. Woweee!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Strike a pose - screen save!

Tryin' to write about writer's block, not cos I have one, but because I HAVE had many, and I know most artists suffer from it every now and then. It's more like part of the cycle. Drip, drap, drop. stop. Drip...haha

Check thiS, a video conference with Joni Love n' Aklimatize aka Blacktop.

We were strikin' a pose together from across the globe!!! YEEE HA! ;-D

Miz Fuze deleted the zebraheads, more to do wit em later.

House of Ninja

From breakin' to poppin' to voguin' to waackin' to tektonic dancin'...

"The Mother gets the most respect!"

"Ninjas hit hard, they hit fast, an invisible assassin!"

- Willi Ninja, The Mother!

Miz Fuze is beatin' her face with blush!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes Yes yes-ter-day-or-the-other-day was my first nite hostin' a FRESH NU BOOGIE SOUL R&B club in Stockholm city! CHECK DEVOTION!

Dj's Pure P n' Will-Rock! All funkay folkz that dropped it! WE gots to get more FIERCE! LOUDER STOCKHOLM! Was an exasperatin' yet good time to be inducted and reintroduced to all the reasons why I make music!

For the people, for the dancers, I <3 U!

Miz Fuze n' Opolopo are headin' to a Voguing vs. Waacking dance jam-fashion blitz at Kulturhuset!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Intro to Pinoy Jazz Funk Soul

Enjoy the mixes below courtesy of Paolo. Be ready for the last mix! The Philippines' Kulintang gongs are featured at the beginning. YAYAYAYA! Why do I dig? Cos I'm finally discoverin' more about the motherland and why Pilipinos are so DAMN musical, think i need to take it further back into time to get to the gist of it all...;-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pilipino Pioneers

Salamat po! Paolo aka Pasta Groove in Manila just posted some amazin' pics of jazz n' soul artists hailin' from the Philippines circa 1960's onwards. Check these pimpin' covers!

[last album, 5 Pinay sistas produced by GEORGE DUKE!]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disco on a blizzardy day...

Been seekin' out visual inspiration for my debut 'Space Lady'.

Amii's head is divine! I'm obsessed with hats thanx to the Legendary Edie.

Miz Fuze sez it's magically snowin' but she's still feelin' HAWT!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hartchef Discos

Bwoy oh bwoy did I have to shake off the cobwebs. Just had my first 6 hour long freestyle jam with Dj Seeg Weed aka Thomas Wingren on Friday. He is such a pleasure to play wit not only cos he's a master when it comes to rhythm BUT a human encyclopedia when it comes to muze.

He got me singin' over some dope DOPE dope experimental house out on a sweet little lovin' label from Cologne, HARTCHEF.

I'm supa picky when it comes to HOUSE, not because I choose to be but because my ears are used to hearing jazz fusion, bruk, experimental hip hop and so on and so forth. I can't help but get bored if there are no changes for example. haha I am naturally drawn to muze that is soulful AND peculiar, ya know somewhat imaginative and quirky, pushing the boundaries of that typical thumpin' 4/4. Nah, ya don't have to change that, but have some DAMN imagination with the sounds ya use please!!!

Check the label's releases!

Hugo 'Minisalatini'
Tom Ellis 'Tried and Tested'

Bitty Bites and BubbleZZzzzzzzzzzz!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

J*Davey Tees

I'm a fan, you're a fan, everyone should be a fan of J*Davey. Get em! ;-)

"the Body Electric" tee. pre-order yours @ www.21maroons.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Electric Stimulus

Be prepared to have your jaw drop!!! OTAKU FOREVER!


Monday, March 2, 2009


This past weekend was delish. First havin' traditional Swedish din din wit Soulmates' St Sebastian, Pablo Anttila, Nikita, Manolis, Josefine and a jolly yet chill Ian Friday flown in from Brooklyn to share some love.

We all connected on many topical tingz at din. Meditation - be it prayin', ah yeh, EATIN', makin' snow angels, AND....deep breath...Jantelagen aka Jante Law. For a friendly bunch we were all fed up that such a lame assSss law existed, use to exist. We left the Restaurang Pelikan breakin' every law. MY HAIR WAS LOUD! IAN LAUGHED LOUD! Seriously, google it, read it, live it! ha.

Back to positive notion potions, the nite progressed and I found myself guestin' for a bitz at the Soulmates vs. Raw Fusion partay wit Ian, yeh yeh yeh, I was so DAMN shy, WTF! but oh how the crowd was SNAP! ;-D

2am unraveled like a flyin' carpet and it was onto Berns to guest spot with Dj Johan Netz. Such a feel good dude! Soulmates, Raw Fusion, AND Devotion folkz came down lates too. YAY! Oh and my main man Opolopo wasn't workin'.

Vocalist Fatima was in the house too!!! Check her! She 'borrowed' a passionfruit and I a chili pepper from the bar to make up for the mula everyone had dropped on eXpensive drinks. haha

Miz Fuze sez Jantelagan don't exist in her world!

ps. Had my first Wallenbergare. It was spongey.