Sunday, March 22, 2009

touchscreen audiowood um...

I don't know ladies n' gents, I've been dreamin' of the most DIVINE turntable forever and these were 2 that made me do a double take tonite whilst paintin' my walls with purple turtles tootin' chocolat melodix! teehehe

I had to share em witcha cos they're CRAZY and who knew this stuff existed eh? What ya think? Touchscreen? Audiowood! Check the links!

Both embody creativity, one's got a lot of soul and the other um might not look as SOULFUL but it sure does do someting else, well it all depends on the person right?

I'm the FIRST to admit I have a fetish for gadgets. I screamed my head off when I saw the REACTABLE and the LEMUR live together, [i'll put up my vid footage tomoro], but if we HAD to decide which stirred more emotion of these 2 players I think the hand carved wood one WOULD win the prize, but then again, that's just too silly, cos ain't it all about the MUZE being played, NOT the DAMN equipment and what it does?!?!?! Yeh yeh we could get into a spiritual debate about vinyl versus mp3, digital versus analog...

I'm afraid to say the 3rd pic is my love, the ONE I truly desire, THE BAIRD-EMERSON-WONDERGRAM!!! A PORTABLE RECORD PLAYER FROM THE 60's! AY YAY YAY! There's one for sale on ebay from Uruguay. I guess I'm still an ol' school girl. Might need a ziploc bag to keep the sand off while at the beach tho! hehe

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  1. when u gonna launch your dj career gurl??