Monday, March 30, 2009

Futurist Manifesto 1914

A must read for all Futurists!

In 1914, Italian Futurist/Painter Giacomo Balla essentially dissed the Bourgeois 'good taste' and 'niceness' with his writing of 'The Anti Neutral Suit'.

My fave quotes are...

"One thinks and acts as one dresses. Since neutrality is the synthesis of all tradition, today we Futurists display these antineutral, that is, cheerfully bellicose, clothes."

"We want to abolish the mediocrity of moderation, so-called good taste and so-called harmony of colors and forms, that curb our excitement and slow us down."

"The Futurist hat will be asymmetrical and of exhuberant, aggressive colors. Futurist shoes will be dynamic, different from one another in form and color, and happily able to kick all the neutralists."

"Futurist attire will therefore be - Illuminating. Phosphorescent textiles that can ignite temerity in a fearful crowd, spread light around when it rains, and meliorate the dimness of twilight in the streets and in the nerves."

"Every woman will be a walking synthesis of the universe."

Miz Fuze misses Edita and all the ladies...


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