Monday, March 2, 2009


This past weekend was delish. First havin' traditional Swedish din din wit Soulmates' St Sebastian, Pablo Anttila, Nikita, Manolis, Josefine and a jolly yet chill Ian Friday flown in from Brooklyn to share some love.

We all connected on many topical tingz at din. Meditation - be it prayin', ah yeh, EATIN', makin' snow angels, AND....deep breath...Jantelagen aka Jante Law. For a friendly bunch we were all fed up that such a lame assSss law existed, use to exist. We left the Restaurang Pelikan breakin' every law. MY HAIR WAS LOUD! IAN LAUGHED LOUD! Seriously, google it, read it, live it! ha.

Back to positive notion potions, the nite progressed and I found myself guestin' for a bitz at the Soulmates vs. Raw Fusion partay wit Ian, yeh yeh yeh, I was so DAMN shy, WTF! but oh how the crowd was SNAP! ;-D

2am unraveled like a flyin' carpet and it was onto Berns to guest spot with Dj Johan Netz. Such a feel good dude! Soulmates, Raw Fusion, AND Devotion folkz came down lates too. YAY! Oh and my main man Opolopo wasn't workin'.

Vocalist Fatima was in the house too!!! Check her! She 'borrowed' a passionfruit and I a chili pepper from the bar to make up for the mula everyone had dropped on eXpensive drinks. haha

Miz Fuze sez Jantelagan don't exist in her world!

ps. Had my first Wallenbergare. It was spongey.

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