Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dancerz, designerz n' clownz oh MY!

Anti-socialism didn't last too long eh? I get like that. An introverted extrovert, an outgoin' shy person. Think I was just a little pooped from last nite's gig which...went...very well indeed yOOoo! Opolopo dropped some Ad Bourke, DKD, Amanda Diva, RepLife. Shouts outs! ;-) Remember em clustered discoballz and curtain tassels in Feb? Same place! Yep we played at Malmen's NU cocktailbaren where folkz could literally stop, drop, chat, take a bite off my dinner plate, and sabotage the drumpadz. Quite an intimate affair.

Had tour-de-force voguin'/waackin' instructor/designer Kaiti Dangerkat drop by and many SWEET folkz. DJ Nikkita, clothing designer Hege Edvardsen, contemporary dancer Jenny Baldamar, n' clowness Erika Söderström... ;-) Ha! How I remember names I have no idea! That's Dangerkat in her infamous SCAMPER PANTS. I know I should have snapped more pics, but it's hard when u gotta pretend ur serious wit the jam...;-P

Miz Fuze is a zebra butterfly.

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