Saturday, January 31, 2009


Drivin'. Filmin'. Singin'. Rain clouds a comin'. Probably not the safest ting to do ba doo doo. INNER CITY'S EPIC ALBUM 'PRAISE' hit the spot just as I was crossin' the Cambie Street bridge, would have been pumpin' that gas peddle a little too hard if the 1st track 'ONE NATION' had dropped on me. haha. Go find it!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Poem by Dallas Clayton

This guy is sOOo cool! Thanks to my baby for turnin' me onto him... ;-)


Check the poem below and a video intro on this modern day Dr.Seuss!


I’m sorry that I stole your album.
It was raining.
And I was tired.

I don’t know if you care.
You’ve been dead for so long now
And those songs were written
far before computers even worked this way.

I’m not sure where the money goes
now that you’re not here to collect it.
To your children?
Or your family?
Or a record label, mid-dash for the lifeboats?
Or maybe to someone you never even met.

Whoever it is
I decided
I’d rather not give it to them.
For they didn’t pen the words
that drove me to this crime
all alone
tucked into bed
unable to sleep.

And I am sure
they all have more than they need
of what you left behind.

Not that this makes it okay
to take what I did
when no one was looking.

It doesn’t.

It is still stealing,
out and out.
Which we all know is a sin.

But you never struck me as the type
who cared much about sinning.

Not the way you sang
Not the way you carried on.
Up there in front of everyone
letting them all know what really mattered
even down to your ending.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I-Sobot + Cyborg Manifesto

I HEART ROBOTIX!!!!!!!!!! I've always been obsessed with all tingz robot/android/cyborg since I was a kid, remember the movie Short Circuit? haha ;-) Click here for the 50 best movie robots!

ps. Some intriguing reading...
Donna Haraway's 'A Cyborg Manifesto'

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sucka Punched!

Nah, was just gettin' my face fixed, the usual ya know, um nose job, facelift, eyelash extensions!!! haha Supposingly it's the latest craZe, so my girl Pink Kong had to make me her second test subject. Must say it was cool n' weird to feel every hair being glued on to each and every eyelash, felt straight out of a Terry Gilliam movie. We have over 200 hairs per top eye lid, so yeh it took a while, haha ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's funny how when ya know you're leavin' a space, you realize how much you adore the little tingz, the idiosyncrasies, the pedestrian crossin' sound effects 'bee boo, bee boo', the damn crack in the pavement you consistently trip over etc... Today I walked and walked and walked, the dense compact blanketed fog tranced me into twilite.

I was forwarded these beauties by a friend. Click on pics to enlarge.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meanwhile on the otherside...

of the planet in Hamburg, my very own tootsie roll/producer Opolopo aka Peter Major, was hittin' it up with one of his best budz Simon Grey, in his delectable studio. Check out Si's analogue gear!!! Oh my SHITBALLZ! I love seein' these dudes together, not only are they MUSICAL GENIUSES, BUT FRIKKIN' CRACK YO ASS FUNNY! No pun intended. hahaha [okey okey i keepy it PG-13]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dim Sum Day Yay!

My girl Michelle 'Yoda', a dope Yoga instructor is it Ditchmond! YAYA! We actually grew up a couple of blocks from one another but only met last year whilst both livin' in Sverige. Cool huh? We have someting very unique in common besides being from the same city, hehe, we BOTH LOVE ASAIN FOOD and TAKE PICS OF IT! ;-)

We complained all the time about where the DIM SUM was at?!?!? So what'd we do the first thing she flies into Richmond, the Asian Food Mecca of Canada? WE HIT IT UP "OINK OINK!" [haha, thanks baby for the encouragement on PIGGIN' OUT!] We ordered lots in celebration of OBAMA's inaugeration, yep we found a just cause, n' were laughed at by cute little Chinese grandmas, oh SoOo worth it!

ps. Make sure you have no food allergies to crustaceans or molluscs before partakin', as you can see by the bill, we had no idea what we ordered? ha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BagPak Brooklyn! ;-)


Homegrown Edition

Cat#: BM016

NYC's Bagpak Records is proud to present its second instalment of 'Bagpak Selects', a solid collection of music focused on artists based in North America.

Featuring both established and up-and-coming artists from NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal, DC, Philadelphia, Boston and beyond, 'Homegrown Edition' covers a wide range of genres - Jazz, Soul, Downbeat, Afrobeat, Broken Beat, House and more.


1. Laura Kahle & The West End Composers Collective feat Kristin Berardi - "Lighter Skies"
2. Kendra Ross - "I'm So Okay"
3. Roxanne feat. UKey - "Searching"
4. The What!? - "Definition Part II" (Spinnerty Redefine)
5. Aklimatize feat. Amalia - "Frequencies"
6. Arch_typ feat. Joni Love - "Family Function"
7. Asiko - "Jibiti"
8. Moonstarr feat. Rosina Kazi - "Tiger Funk"
9. Computer Paul feat Michelle Amador - "Does It" (Peter Munch Remix)
10. DJ C feat MC Zulu - "Body Work" (Octa Push Remix)
11. IMC SOUL feat. Dawn Pemberton - "Travelin"
12. Ne'a Posey w/ LiL Dave - "State of the World"
13. Yellowtail - "Into the Orion"

My Wet Dream

I know it's bold of me to say and that change doesn't happen over night, BUT "The right to bear arms" needs to get swallowed up and spat out FOR REAL!!! Erase it from the constitution already!!!

Let's fight with pillows and watergunz...

ps. I am so relieved that a sincerely brilliant human being, whom is graceful and giving will guide such a powerful nation to being 'ONE' that finally listens to ALL its people.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Space Collective

My before I go to bed browsin' led me to the CRAzZzIEST blog!

So much scrumptious satiable saliva grand glandable brain candy...;-P

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Downtown Eastside

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside holds a piece of my heart. It was my fertile ground when I first got out of 'school'. Oh and did I get EVEN more schooled!!! I worked at a wee little jazz label by the name of Maximum Jazz. Felt like a vacuum salesman most of the time. haha So many quirky characters! The Eastside kept me humble and reminded me that all folkz are the same. Be it the president or a cab driver, ya feel me...

Took a stroll round my old stompin' ground - Gastown, the magnificent Dress Sew [Kissey you would FREAK out], all em vacated buildings, em beautiful alley ways, oh and Macleod's books where I would chill out on my lunch breaks huntin' for rare art books. Couldn't find Jack though, the homeless harmonica cowboy who'd always walk me to work a block, such a sweet dude...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Prefuse 73 feat. Mikah 9

DAMMMMMN the tune just came up on my shuffle and I had to share it with ya, not only cos Prefuse 73 is a GENIUS ['One Word Extinguisher' BLEW MY MIND!!!] but because MIKAH 9 respelt MYKA 9 is one of the freshest mc's in hiphop. Might recognize him as one of the voices of Freestyle Fellowship from back in the day too...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy vs. Civilized

Hmmmmm. Karin n' I goofin' at Salt in Vancouver. She's my Canadian Soiled Swedish friend who came to Vancouver for love. ;-)

Yep masks are now a staple in everyone's diet...haha.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Spiritual Land

Our culture is born of respect, and intimacy with the land and sea and the air around us. - Haida Nation

For ya'll who don't know, I've been home on the Pacific Northwest for over 4 months now after living in Scandinavia for 9. What can I tell ya about my Canadian Coastal habitat? Imagine COLOSSAL mountains and a VAST ocean holding hands. Really? YesSs. It's quite an epic view into downtown Vancouver. Today though someting else BAPPED me over the head...

Was walkin' past the Wickaninnish Gallery and got struck with awe by some photographs of The Haida by Edward S. Curtis. OH MY GAWD!

There are, or shall I say were, [real f*cked up] thousands of Native tribes throughout N.America, the Haida [one of the tribes from the Pacific Northwest] are best known for their ALIEN-like distinctive art. Like many tribes their beliefs are all rooted in the spirit of the earth and animals.

I'm really going to miss the history and spirit of my surroundings here but am eager to discover more about the Sami and all that is Scandinavian when I move back next month...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Technology & Revolution

Been readin' a supa cool discussion King Britt just put up on facebook.


Just as we are on the internet social highway now, technology to me has helped build a digital global consciousness and connect from our rooms. But it has also hurt the actual human physical social interaction. What do you think of all of these networks (twitter, tumbler, myspace, etc) and how has it effected you...

I say...

Interaction and communication in any shape or form is good. I get high chattin' wit strangers in the grocery line up as I do dogs n' cats while skippin' down the street, oh and textin' and writing love letters at the press of a button YAY! I guess it all depends on the person.

A positive example of TECHNOLOGY's impact on the people. REVOLUTION!!! Check the link below smartie pantsie pies! ;-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reminiscin' - Art of Noise

This song has been' creepin' up on me for a while nooOOw. Have been sick as a dawg the past couple of days and listenin' to extensive amounts of muze I loved as a child growin' up in England. My childhood memz remain quite 'FANTASICAL'. Winning a veteran's dance competition in Reading, the keyword is VETERAN, I was 8?!?! haha. Theme muze - Soul II Soul's 'Back to Life'. haha. Bowlin' kids over with tree trunks, befriendin' the nunz so they'd buy me jawbreakers on my lunch break, [yeh yeh i went to a private all-girl school]. oh n' WHAM BARZ, searchin for badgers, newts, frogs, naked fairies, unicorns, GHOSTS, joanne carson-long, burgerz n' heinz baked beanz at little chef, pears and chocolate sauce, spotted dick, TREACLE, roadtrips to St.Ives, PANTOMIME, Isle of Wight, moonin' at the Ascot Races...hahaha

I always wanted to be this little girl in the vid.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pink Kong Sez Eat Your Veggies

New Year's Resolution. Let's keep it positive. Eat your DAMN VEGGIEZ!

One of the most creative n' versatile designers I know just so happens to be one of my gurlz, am I lucky or WOT?!?! We met on the shoot of Sekoya's music vid some 4 yearz ago. She's supa calm n' quirky craZy all in one. Erika Ryan aka PINK KONG is launchin' her website in a couple of weekz but I had to give ya a sneak peak. BEWARE! She's a quadruple duple threat. An industrial designa / robotmaka / spacegun slinga / MUSIC LOVA and now vegetable patch growa with her very own 'Hot House Necklaces'. hehe.

She provides me with em cool distinctly unique tingz to wear and I in return try my bestest to keep her loaded with soundtrax while designin'. i owe her BIG TIME!!! ;-)

From cubez on boobz to arm slugz ya gotz to get it. Comin' soOOOon.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"No man is an island entire of itself"

Pray, think, conjure, mathematically equate for peace...

I will never understand the ramifications of religion. Can we take it back to the selling of indulgences?!?! Folkz used to have to pay to have their sins removed!!!

I don't know, does that truly sum it all up? Not for me. I'm startin' to believe that evil is but a mathematical equation. Where there is peace, war MUST exist. ;-( AND I ain't a pessimist BUT WTF!!!

Miz Fuze just read the update on the gaza strip.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Year of the Divine Sorceress

I'm always sOOoo proud of the divine sorceresseseseseseses ;-P out there kickin' SERIOUS BUTTOCKS OF STEEL N' PLASMA SCREENS! Check this dancer/painter/stylist out! Canadian Filipina Fly Lady Di. She's been inspiring me with her flare n' righteous FUNK for a while now. So BLAMM!


Aside - Looks like I'll be snowed in yet again in Vancouver tonite, all in goodie mob time tho since a '2008 flood gate update' is behind sked. Thanx to my sweet tweet Swedish sis Kissey Asplund for the inspiration on that one, she's always so on it!!! Will talk more about her soon too. In the meantime check the links...

Sweet Dreamz