Friday, April 10, 2009

little booty girl n' witches

Been readin' about the Feminist Movement here in Sweden and it's actually makin' me feel blaaaaaaaah, t'is inspiring and I do admire the courage but DAMN em ladies brought out em claws in 'The Gender War'.

I guess I can't be happy go lucky all the time ya know, ya know?! I may be giggly n' a little booty girl but I gotz a socio-political commentary on my mind one 3rd nahhh a quarter of my pie. Owww that reminds me, you have to see the British movie, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!!!

Anywayz, right now young girlz [n' boyz! YAY DRAG!] are dressin' up as Easter Witches kinda like Halloween but not as freaky! haha I think it's wonderful but dare any child finds out what happened to the "real" witches and um ya might want to dress up as a fairy or as an angel, or perhaps be even PROUDER to be a witch. I know I am!

Aside: Shout outs to Dr. Jesse Seary, my Sociology of Deviance prof and Dr. Alan Brain [no joke!] my fave prof in the world! Geesh college seems so long ago. ;-)

Miz Fuze embraces the darkness within...

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