Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Year of the Divine Sorceress

I'm always sOOoo proud of the divine sorceresseseseseseses ;-P out there kickin' SERIOUS BUTTOCKS OF STEEL N' PLASMA SCREENS! Check this dancer/painter/stylist out! Canadian Filipina Fly Lady Di. She's been inspiring me with her flare n' righteous FUNK for a while now. So BLAMM!


Aside - Looks like I'll be snowed in yet again in Vancouver tonite, all in goodie mob time tho since a '2008 flood gate update' is behind sked. Thanx to my sweet tweet Swedish sis Kissey Asplund for the inspiration on that one, she's always so on it!!! Will talk more about her soon too. In the meantime check the links...

Sweet Dreamz