Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dim Sum Day Yay!

My girl Michelle 'Yoda', a dope Yoga instructor is it Ditchmond! YAYA! We actually grew up a couple of blocks from one another but only met last year whilst both livin' in Sverige. Cool huh? We have someting very unique in common besides being from the same city, hehe, we BOTH LOVE ASAIN FOOD and TAKE PICS OF IT! ;-)

We complained all the time about where the DIM SUM was at?!?!? So what'd we do the first thing she flies into Richmond, the Asian Food Mecca of Canada? WE HIT IT UP "OINK OINK!" [haha, thanks baby for the encouragement on PIGGIN' OUT!] We ordered lots in celebration of OBAMA's inaugeration, yep we found a just cause, n' were laughed at by cute little Chinese grandmas, oh SoOo worth it!

ps. Make sure you have no food allergies to crustaceans or molluscs before partakin', as you can see by the bill, we had no idea what we ordered? ha!