Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Poem by Dallas Clayton

This guy is sOOo cool! Thanks to my baby for turnin' me onto him... ;-)


Check the poem below and a video intro on this modern day Dr.Seuss!


I’m sorry that I stole your album.
It was raining.
And I was tired.

I don’t know if you care.
You’ve been dead for so long now
And those songs were written
far before computers even worked this way.

I’m not sure where the money goes
now that you’re not here to collect it.
To your children?
Or your family?
Or a record label, mid-dash for the lifeboats?
Or maybe to someone you never even met.

Whoever it is
I decided
I’d rather not give it to them.
For they didn’t pen the words
that drove me to this crime
all alone
tucked into bed
unable to sleep.

And I am sure
they all have more than they need
of what you left behind.

Not that this makes it okay
to take what I did
when no one was looking.

It doesn’t.

It is still stealing,
out and out.
Which we all know is a sin.

But you never struck me as the type
who cared much about sinning.

Not the way you sang
Not the way you carried on.
Up there in front of everyone
letting them all know what really mattered
even down to your ending.