Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Spiritual Land

Our culture is born of respect, and intimacy with the land and sea and the air around us. - Haida Nation

For ya'll who don't know, I've been home on the Pacific Northwest for over 4 months now after living in Scandinavia for 9. What can I tell ya about my Canadian Coastal habitat? Imagine COLOSSAL mountains and a VAST ocean holding hands. Really? YesSs. It's quite an epic view into downtown Vancouver. Today though someting else BAPPED me over the head...

Was walkin' past the Wickaninnish Gallery and got struck with awe by some photographs of The Haida by Edward S. Curtis. OH MY GAWD!

There are, or shall I say were, [real f*cked up] thousands of Native tribes throughout N.America, the Haida [one of the tribes from the Pacific Northwest] are best known for their ALIEN-like distinctive art. Like many tribes their beliefs are all rooted in the spirit of the earth and animals.

I'm really going to miss the history and spirit of my surroundings here but am eager to discover more about the Sami and all that is Scandinavian when I move back next month...