Friday, January 9, 2009

Reminiscin' - Art of Noise

This song has been' creepin' up on me for a while nooOOw. Have been sick as a dawg the past couple of days and listenin' to extensive amounts of muze I loved as a child growin' up in England. My childhood memz remain quite 'FANTASICAL'. Winning a veteran's dance competition in Reading, the keyword is VETERAN, I was 8?!?! haha. Theme muze - Soul II Soul's 'Back to Life'. haha. Bowlin' kids over with tree trunks, befriendin' the nunz so they'd buy me jawbreakers on my lunch break, [yeh yeh i went to a private all-girl school]. oh n' WHAM BARZ, searchin for badgers, newts, frogs, naked fairies, unicorns, GHOSTS, joanne carson-long, burgerz n' heinz baked beanz at little chef, pears and chocolate sauce, spotted dick, TREACLE, roadtrips to St.Ives, PANTOMIME, Isle of Wight, moonin' at the Ascot Races...hahaha

I always wanted to be this little girl in the vid.