Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pink Kong Sez Eat Your Veggies

New Year's Resolution. Let's keep it positive. Eat your DAMN VEGGIEZ!

One of the most creative n' versatile designers I know just so happens to be one of my gurlz, am I lucky or WOT?!?! We met on the shoot of Sekoya's music vid some 4 yearz ago. She's supa calm n' quirky craZy all in one. Erika Ryan aka PINK KONG is launchin' her website in a couple of weekz but I had to give ya a sneak peak. BEWARE! She's a quadruple duple threat. An industrial designa / robotmaka / spacegun slinga / MUSIC LOVA and now vegetable patch growa with her very own 'Hot House Necklaces'. hehe.

She provides me with em cool distinctly unique tingz to wear and I in return try my bestest to keep her loaded with soundtrax while designin'. i owe her BIG TIME!!! ;-)

From cubez on boobz to arm slugz ya gotz to get it. Comin' soOOOon.