Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stockholm JAZZ Festival

SHAZZZAM! 5 days of SOUL & JAZZ!!! My Canadian homie Brownman is playin' with Guru's Jazzmatazz July 18th! Will be so good to hear him live again. He and I go wayyyy back. He blew me out of the water over 10 years ago while on tour with Esthero. It took till 2003 for us to play 2geth. T'was the Honeyjam showcase in Toronto during the whole Eastern Seaboard Blackout! REMEMBER THAT?!

Brown and I chillin' in a parking lot waitin' for the craZiness to subside, talkin' about Randy Brecker, ladies, Tdot, NYC. Will never forget seein' this one dude strokin' his pet python on the front porch as he tuned into the radio for updates. [YEsssS a snake, get that mind out of the gutter! haha]

Meshell Ndegeocello, Sonny Rollins, Raul Midon, Leela James, McCoy Tyner, Headhunters, Gilberto GIL, Booker T, Roy Hargrove, Erykah Badu are all comin'!!! Check the lineup here!

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