Monday, June 29, 2009

ebony bones.

A modern day SKUNK ANANSIE perhapz? Lookin' a bit like Erykah Badu but sounding more like another Santogold cos that's more in style. ha!

I'M IN LOVE wit EBONY BONES' PSYCHEDELIC VOODOO CHARM, the effort put into makin' sure every band member is donned, reminding me a bit of George Clinton BUT without that SOPHISTICATED FUNK. Don't get me wrong, she's MAD RAW! I dig that! Em tribal rhythmz mixed in wit all that post-punk, but I can't help but be reminded of one of my addictions - J*Davey goin' rock and me wanting to regurgitate my pet goldfish. Sorry I had to say it. It's just so hard to tell who is genuine these dayz. I mean Betty Davis is as REAL as it getz!!!

I'd really luv a CRAZY LADY to do a metal album with some EPIC double kick patterns. 16th notes in unison shiyut!!! That would FREAK me right out!!! Hmmm maybe I should do a track like that! What ya think? ;-P

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