Friday, June 26, 2009

Ay Ay Captain!

I will not mourn, I refuse to mourn! Instead I ask ya to celebrate MICHAEL's SUPERNATURALITY! He has been and alwayz will be LARGER THAN LIFE!

I'm gettin' heavy all of a sudden, cos I fear he may have left with a broken heart, that amidst all the boooOosh that has happened, he probably had no idea how much we all loved him. As Zen would say, "MICHAEL IS A BEAUTIFUL MAN incapable of harming a fly..."

Thankyou for blessing us with your gift of music and spreading your unconditional love. Yes you were an eccentric cheezeball and that's why we loved ya!

I will never forget gettin' spooked out by THRILLER as a child, diving over that sofa, and all the nightmares. haha I will never forget MOONWALKER and excitedly going to Epcot center in 1986 to check -


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