Sunday, June 14, 2009

Supa Nerdz!

Brasilian pandeiro player Sergio Krakowski is visiting us with fellow percussionist and Swedish irmão Thomas Wingren. They're all SUPA NERDZ! I LOVE NERDZ! I'm sitting back, enjoyin' the polyrhythmz, YAYA, lettin' my mouth hit the floor, gigglin' as it continues to pour bucketloadz of rain this Swedish Summer! WTF!!!

Sergio's been developing a real-time computer music system that reacts to the Pandeiro. Absolute craZiness! Seriously this dude is a GENIUS! Not only a musician but a master in mathematics. Figures eh? I can count how many musicians are Physicists.

I'll put triggerin' footage up from today lates, in the meantime check this!

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