Thursday, June 4, 2009


On the subject of 1. I had to cycle some + out to ONE of the supreme musical forces of the NU WORLD!


THE WONDROUS GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW. I know many of ya know of her divinity, but for those who haven't listened, do check her nu album Georgia Anne Muldrow Presents Ms. One & The Gang. "Mr President" socks it right to ya harder than Missy Elliot ever could. Oh and Maryetta Moore's Head Of My Soul hehe. Get it here!

In total there are 21 trax produced by Ms. One, featuring herself and many folkz on the mic. There are definitely some faves - like I said Maryetta Moore! Dudley Perkins on Divinely Free, D-MOE, Turiya's smile has that Steviesque-4Hero vibe, Illicit Child's Far Behind hits the spot too. Nuttin' short of unpredictable...

Her FIRST album Olesi: Fragments of an Earth, had me FREAKIN' OUT as soon as I heard the trax NOWADAYZE & BECAUSE 3 yearz agogogogo. Georgia's vocal bass lines let alone her harmonies are from another place and time! ;-D

Miz Fuze NEEDS to record NOW!

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