Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have been obsessed with BASS frequencies since I was a baby. From the contrabass, to the upright bass, to electric bass, last nite was BASS HEAVEN! First to see PATRIK BOMAN's 7 PIECE MACHINE at Lilla Jazz, then over to Moderna Museet to check SMV!!! STANLEY CLARKE, MARCUS MILLER & VICTOR WOOTEN featuring keyboardist Federico Pena and drummer Derico Watson! Major thanx to my fam sub-ID for getting the band to hook me up with a pass. hehe

3 BASS PROPHETS makin' love to their wood and simply transcendin' the physical. Stanley's been on almost every life changin' jazz record, from George Duke to Pharoah Saunders. Marcus Miller with Miles Davis & Luther Vandross. I'm still a little over the moon about it all hence my brain's lack of focus. The highlight for me by far was the JOLLY Victor Wooten! He's got that funky uncle vibe like Bootsy! Check a quick snip of his solo I caught for ya'll here!

Oh and Derico is NUTZ! Kinda like a younger Dennis Chambers. ;-D

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