Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kissey BBQ + Nickodemus

"Let me kiss yo' mind, bathe your soul...IN A NOCTURNAL SUNSHHINE!" If ya can guess the tune, I'll send ya some Swedish licorice...FOR REAL!

TACK SÅ MYCKETS to my sweet sis KISSEY and her goofy sis Christel for breaking my Swedish lake virginity before the Raw Fusion gig! A wee bit of a shutter bug I am, hence the delay, no skimpy shotz here tho. :-(

Salmon on the barb, home-made rhubarb tartz, yum yum, CHAMPAGNE, snails and slugz, GAS PANTILOONS, Darling Nikkita, then on the mic at RAW FUSION with NICKODEMUS! I gotta say I've never met such a versatile dj other than Alex Barck of Jazzanova. Salsa, Balkan, Afro-Indian, and HipHop all in 2 hourz and not a single lost soul on the dance floor! A HEAVENLY day with rambunctious folkz. Must not forget speciale guest, YUKARI-CHAN from Copenhagen! Tack for the early morn coca cola. Can I get a cherry?

Christel Asplund's flower arrangement

What a dish? Nikkita in Monifa's earringz

Opolopo lollipop lickin' like a good boy should.

Handsome Mr. Slug


Flashin' Kissey MY GOODZ! hehe

Yukari and the Get-Along-Gang!



  1. Me'Shell Ndegéocello - Nocturnal Sunshine

    little Brother-

  2. Me'Shell Ndegéocello - Nocturnal Sunshine

    maybe i don't count though

  3. Nah you count bro. I'll hit ya wit a bright packy in the mail...