Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A continental girl so fine!

I know, I know, I just had to fill ya in on one more track that has helped formulate the MIGHTY HEARTFULL FORCE WITHIN!

Capturing all my thoughts in sound has helped me rediscover all the songs I was so passionate about as a child. I've been sittin' lotus position, well not really, but it sounded profound, eyes closed, cold can of rootbeer in hand, feelin' what it is about specific tunez that make the blood pump thru my ventricles faster. Introduction? check. Syncopated synth bass? check. THE chorus? Heck yeh! Poetry? check. Progression, vox effects...

I remember interpretive dancin' to CHAKA's "Hold Her" and my Popz bustin' me mid wall-fling during the chorus. Like Swan lake gone wrong! haha It was always the B-sides that blew me away on so many albums. Hold Her, Caught in the Act, and Chinatown. Again, I had to upload it for ya...

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