Friday, July 3, 2009


Did I tell ya already that Italian artistes ELECTRICUTE MY WORLD? Well, don't get me started on La Biennale di Venezia's MAKING WORLDS! Ya gotz to go to the 53rd International Art Exhibition that takes over Venice from June till November. Innovators from Jerusalem, Santa Monica, Mumbai, Milan...

My soulful bud Sebby of Soulmates Stockholm posted some picz up yesterday of his explorations and I just had to share one of em witcha.

Ain't it mind expansive? At first I thought it was a drawing BUT it ain't! It's a wire sculpture, lookin' like a mitochondria or an atom or someting!

AND if ya really want to overload the synapses with inspiration, go the last week of September and you can also experience THE BODY OF SOUND! Full on futurist orchestras! ;-D


  1.'ve put my pic up!?

    'The body of sound' sounds great. Feels like I need to go back there. Ah...can't afford to go back I think.

    Great blog by the way. We will link this from ours. Have you checked our blog by the way?

  2. Thankya for the propz. Of course I've checked out your blog, just got to learn Swedish faster... haha ;-)