Monday, September 21, 2009

The Daily Show - The Stockholm Syndrome

Obama inherited a trillion dollar debt, he's just tryin' to help the people PEOPLE!!! I figured with all the Socialist booshiyut goin' down, ya had to see this vid. [Pt. 2 follows in the link below the vid]

As a Canadian love refugee in Stockholm, I couldn't help but laugh my knickerz off! Nuttin' but GENIUS American satire poking fun at themselvez as well as em meatball-luvin'-polar-bear-walkin' Swedez I call my NU vänner. Now would ya'll rather be Robyn or 50 cent? ;-P

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Click here to watch 'The Stockholm Syndrome Pt. 2' too!!!


  1. "She smells like lavender and free education."

    Haha... the best.

  2. hahaha this is hilarious. love wyatt.