Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm a dance music lova for this life and the next...

ME & ROBOTNICK. YAY! A blessing to meet such a jolly gent who has remained soOOo young at heart and passionate about bringin' muze to the DANCEFLOOR! Reminded me a little of my opolopo. ;-)

He had us in a trance with his muZe & quirky dance moves amidst all em wobbly green bottles, laser beams, and the thickening smoke machine. cOugh. cOugh. He shook it, he sang it, he even dropped it! Yep some classic SPACE!

Aside - Check my fave SPACE track. Owww that title, that intro, that BASS, and oOOow the powerful soulful vocals of MADELINE BELL!

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