Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okey so I just got on this REMINISCIENCE tip, thanx to Marc Mac smackin' me with Jody Watley's 4Hero collab live on youtube. ;-) 4Hero's Play With The Changes never leaves my playa!

WATCH OUT for 4Hero presents EXTENSIONS!

Miz Fuze misses the Golden Era of the Concept Album. Where every song was solid and played an important part of the whole. No attention deficit BANG OUT A HIT and fill up the space shiyut! Eg. Stevie Wonder's, 'Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants.'


  1. While I totally agree with you on the concept album thing, I miss real music in general. Quality music that doesn't sound like it was pulled out of someone's ass in 10 minutes and the producers and labels expect for it to be the next big thing.

    What the hell is an 'exoticist?'

  2. HAHA I had to rephrase my end there cos of ya. ;-)

    GOOD muze is easy to find if ya have the patience to filter thru the mounds and mounds of mediocrity. With the digital age, any tom, dick, or sally can fake that there kinda makin' something good. "Let's loop this, and sample that and TA DA! A song!" My biggest pet peeve is amateur producers placing DOPE vocalists/writers on a track and then reaping all the credit.

    I LOVE a BANGIN' CLUB TRACK more than any other quick fix BUT find myself still gravitating to the crafted songwriter in everything I listen to.

    exoticist = lover of exotic tingz.