Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anthony Mills

From Ghettotrance to Mr. Calderon to Super Viral Brothers to Wild Cookie lets just call it ANTHONY MILLS! A Poet, a painter, a candlestick maker! A SUPA ORAL FIXATOR WIT THE TOOTHBRUSH OF AN ANGEL! Nah seriously this man can SING! Via NYC, I am very happy to BUMP into him on the streets of Stockholm...

MILLS' collection is for sale at Galeri Fantasihuset. Vanadisvägen 29. See all his paintings here! contact:

Your behavoir is unquestionable.
While your down in that filth.
Your temper table tilt you actin funny style.
You buggin all the while, yeah!
Tearing your silk to threads when you gets drunk.
Cause your so full of that Gorilla Milk.

Heroine made my favorite jazz.

Take the doors outta street trash.
High heels step on backs for cash.
Lick like cats and finger flash.
Show me where you hide your stash.
Tube and thong should match exotic.
Elbow grease poles electronic.
80’s ray gan smoke you smell.
Hip street art hype make a sail.
Stay away from the third rail.
Shaka zulu spear you wail.

1 comment:

  1. A true renaissance man.
    Each talent is equally impressive!