Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Snowman Showdown!"

There's really nuttin' else better to do than build a snowman on a snowfilled xmas eve! Forget the tree, forget the prezZies, no need for a turkey [yet], hehehohohaha. Me and one of my bestest SOULFUL pervertz, Miss ZENOBIA Salik agreed to have a "Snowman Showdown" today via internet. Since we're both snowed in at our seperate homes and unable to get to one another, we figured wtf, it'll be silly n' inspiring! Well, it didn't happen. Sigh. 2 tingz. The DAMN snow wouldn't stick AND I saw these?!?! Yes yes ya'll, just when ya think that seXy snowman of your dreamz could give ya enuf satisfaction, ya realize, HECK there are way more innovative tingz to do. haha I got enuf snow on my block to make a dinosaur!!!

So what say you Zen? Let's try tomorrow? Uh huh!