Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas IS ALL ABOUT the gifts...

Chuckle Chuckle Gobble Gobble. Anyone who really gets me knows that I ain't too hard to figure out, let me tell ya...spicy food, outrageous art, n' couture fashion are BIG euphoric buzZes for me. Anything over the top or extremely minimalistic. No inbetweenz. Gotta control myself sometimes when wantin' to wear my craZy hats. hahaha I'll talk about that obsession lates. So who would've guessed that my main man OPOLOPO would get me my mos fave prezzie this year. I HEART MY URBAN COOK BOOK! Don't be put off by the title, forget all em establishments wanting street cred by usin' the description in their cheeZy ad campaigns. Check out the content and the visual feast. From inflatable sculptures to JERK chicken, graffiti's Wooster Collective to !K7 records, oh yeh and let's not forget ALL the multitude of recipes from New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam n' London! AY YAY YAY! Gotta hand it to the man King Adz who put it together. I salivate, snuggle n' giggle with it. What more could a girl ask for? Okey maybe my own cargo plane so we could go feed all starving folkz...Hmmm.

Oh and please if ya need some auditory inspiration, check the latest Matthew Herbert Big Band Album featuring the one and only ESKA. My theme music right now. UNBELIEVABLY MIND EXPANSIVE, all em horns! Check Pontificate and Battery, em trax get my juices flowin'. ;-D