Monday, December 14, 2009

If in Stockholm Thursday...

YEs yes it's about do-diddly-time MASHI + BEMBE played Stockholm! Both are mighty mentors to me and gracious spiritz. They come with drummer Richard Spaven [Robert Mitchell, Jose James, Guru] in tow.

It's been over 3 yearz since I met the duo in Vancouver. Recorded parts of THE POLITIK in the Future Elements studio there with close friend and sweet gent Aklimatize and Lady Joni Love. ;-D

"Thunder & Flash" hit the outdoor stage that bright size jazz fried afternoon!!! Mashi's bass rumbled and rattled from underneath and Bembe's voice charged us all up like a lightning storm, oh and Sammy Figueroa on percussion - makin' us wag our tailz till the sweat flew off our sticky buttockz. haha Won't forget tryin' to drag Bembe out vintage shoppin, Mashi wouldn't let her, HAHA! Nah, studio time.

Will be a blessing to have em visit my nu Scandinavian home. Check INVITE do not miss this sonic sound experience!!!

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