Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been on the HUSTLE, tryin' to collect all my millionz of ÖRA aka Swedish penniez so I can get me my own XMAS PREZZIE, okey the way it's goin', I'm gonna have to put it off until next Summer.

I present to you my fave shoe designerz UNITED NUDE! I almost wept when there were none left for me in Barcelona. Yep they sell out like that!!! These craZy comfy state of the ART shoez are the creative amalgamation of a Dutch architect and a British shoe designer. CHECK THE STEP MÖBIUS BOOT! I drool over these and can't even post em cos they make me weak. haha ;-P

Miz Fuze has 9 tunez in the can. 1 more to go...

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  1. you have great taste in shoes...