Wednesday, November 25, 2009

can i get a chocoholicz anonymous?

I gotta DECLARE Switzerland is ooOOoOZING not only chocolate but CHUNKALICIOUS L.O.V.E!!! I dunno, it must be in em mountains, they remind me of home...sigh. When we flew into Geneva last Wednesday afternoon, they decided to SLAP me right in the FACE with a GRANDEOUS welcome like no other landscape!!!

Aside: Okey the Grand Canyon was more like a TECTONIC HUG OF EARTH! "Welcome, welcome, welcome, let me salute you with peace and majesty" - in a Wizard of Oz kinda voice NOT Santa Claus. ;-P

I might also be a little biased since my older bro and fam live there too. My nieces are supa dupa cute. 1 miniature Snow White and 1 cute Hawaiian Princess. They are growing and creating themselvez so fast! ;-D

I've been to Switzerland many a times before, but this visit vibrated and gyrated specially cos of Mr. Nann 'THE MAN WITH THE MASTER PLAN', Danielle, Boo, & Ngoc! Real feel good musical mightiez. Thanx again for your warm energy, ya know we can't wait to see you all again.

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