Friday, May 8, 2009

peace of heart.

It's raining hard outside but all my senses are consumed by the red lights in the apartment, glowing in numbers, tuning out the outside. There are 5, 54 if you count every reflect - on the steel blinds, on the tv, on the hardwood floor, on the mixing board.

My ears increasingly zone in on the hum of all this RED. Their zigzaggin' constant, faster, slower, larger, smaller, louder, collidin' together...

Life but a sacred vibration.

I can only imagine that the most painful thing in the world must be to lose your child. Fluctuations of warmth, light, heart go out to Amp Fiddler and his family.

'ONE LOVE JAM' was held in Detroit yesterday to help raise funds for Dorian Anthony Fiddler's memorial. Details on where donations can be made are on Fusicology.

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