Sunday, May 17, 2009

Down by the bank...

of the hanky panky, where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky, say A, E, I, O, U! My mum's sweet and so are you! SAY...Last nite was so much yabba dabba FUN!!!

Remember the dayz when ya never EVER contemplated whether ya looked cool or if ya had sex appeal? When ya didn't think about the clock tickin' and ya surely didn't care about how goofy ya were being.

Ow neon spandex used to be baggy on me and Bart Simpson tshirts were as dope as you could get. Okey maybe hypercolor tshirtz were better.

That's how I felt jigglin' with my gurlz Kissey, Nikki, Jose, Christel, Monifa, Hege, Emeli, and my man Opolopo. Gettin' called off my mid speaker dance to sing with DJ BENJI B was but the icing on my luxurious kladdkaka! This sweet lad has been supportin' my muze for a while now on his highly acclaimed radio show on BBC 1Xtra. WARM WARM RESPECTS! Check DEVIATION too if ya don't already know, and YOU should know. ;-P

Thanx to RAW FUSION'S MAD MATS for the L-O-V-E! Can't help but squirm when musical aficionados are down to ground! ;-D Geesh em smiles, that Berns terrace packed like a stanky can of sardines. hehe Opolopo caught some distorted footage for ya...

Miz Fuze leaves for Budapest in the morning. YAY!

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