Tuesday, February 2, 2010


SEKOYA - DALAWA LP by mizfuzemuze

Once upon a time, not too long ago, well like 4 yearz ago, 3 NERDZ put everything they had into an album by the name of DALAWA. It never saw the light of day on Canadian soil after getting high praise for their debut album 2 years before. [Yep had a whackload of CDs stored in my bedroom closet for a while!] Too abstract, not jazzy enuf, not commercial, um... Nevertheless a brave Japanese label by the name of CIRCULATIONS exclusively distributed it in 2007. Alas, available digitally via ITUNES and CDBABY!

Art wizardry by the one and only omniscient Spencer Keala Bowden.

Miz Fuze is extremely PROUD of this baby. The opening distorted guitar was a poke at Canada being a ROCK infested nation and how jazz muze could be wayyyyyyyy HEAVIER!!!

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