Thursday, January 7, 2010

Song of the Day - Subterraneans

Reversed instrument sounds, saxophone, and multi-layered synthesizers from Brian Eno float underneath a moaned vocal that is worldless until about the final ninety seconds. The synthesiser melody is identical to a motif from Edward Elgar's "Nimrod", the 9th Enigma Variation.

"Subterraneans" invoked the misery of those in East Berlin during the Cold War. According to Bowie, people who "got caught in East Berlin after the separation - hence the faint jazz saxophones representing the memory of what it was."

My boy was watching a Kraftwerk doc last nite and hence stumbled on Bowie's track, it stopped me dead. A similar feeling I got when I first heard Eivind Aarset's 'Entrance U-Bahn' on Electronique Noire, and Radiohead's 'Everything in it's Right Place'.

Miz Fuze is soundlessly infatuated. Feeling a shift in depth.

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