Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been holding back on posting these, cos well, I'm such a SUPA model and I didn't want to melt all your icecreamz with my holy HOTNESS!!! Nahhh, it was an incredibly FUN day testing out some nu futurist designz on my atomic bodice. haha ;-P

Enjoy the slick candid shotz with SINISTER designer and galpal Hege Edvardsen in and around her studio in Stockholm. Last pic - CLASSIC!

Miz Fuze sez peekaboo check out my cubic boobiez!


  1. I'm into it.
    The harem pants always win.

  2. Yeh I'm really into em. Gurlz in Barcelona were sporting em everywhere! ;-D

  3. like dat outfit! you should have it more often at di ol soulmateparteeyy!

    pussar och kramar!

  4. I wish Pablo but Hege had to send these away. ;-( Don't worry I'll wear more supastar stuff. hehe pussy och krammy.