Monday, November 22, 2010

AD BOURKE! Yourz truly on vocal duty...

Massively anticipated new CITINITE release from an artist that's been getting props from guys as diverse as Anthonhy Shakir, Dam-Funk, Marco Passarani and Radio 1's Benji B.

Ya'll know i'm gonna bombard you with DOPE muze. I am SUPA proud of my Italian bro AD BOURKE. Reminiscin' about when I first heard his FUNK on DOMU's label. Now he's on one of the most RESPECTABLE labelz on this planet CITINITE.

Mirage is the first Citinite EP from the Rome-based producer, AD Bourke. Combining soul chords, hip hop beats and funk phrasing, he invites us on a trip full of light and expansion.

The track which begins our journey, ‘Cosmic Connection', is the perfect introduction to Bourke's cosmic boogie style, with its relaxed rhythms overlayed by fizzing funk synthwork. It's perhaps worth pointing out right from the start that Bourke's music studio has only one window, and it looks straight up into the sky. ‘100' then drops with heavier, more club oriented beats. This was the track that first came to our attention via Benji B's Deviation show and which motivated us to sign Bourke. ‘Solar Commuter' with its fun acid bass is the newest track of the set, and along with the title track ‘Mirage' which opens side B, is more uptempo. ‘Diff Star' was recorded whilst Bourke was living in Brooklyn (and ‘One For Me' and ‘100' were recorded shortly after his return to Rome) and you can hear how that Brooklyn summer spirit left its mark. ‘Mirage' and ‘Light Echoes' were both written just after Bourke had agreed to work with us and both tracks are full of positive energy.

The last track is the incredible vocal version of ‘Cosmic Connection' featuring Stockholm-based singer Amalia. With great attitude and a dynamic delivery she steals the track and makes it her own. We're truly excited to be able to introduce Bourke's music to a wider audience and hope he takes his place at the forefront of the new funk sound.

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