Friday, July 30, 2010


There's a part of me that just wants to forget the whole club circuit and play for kidz in school! They're curiosity and skepticism of all this MUZE they've never heard is written all over their facez YET felt all over their BODIEZ!!! THE DANCE BATTLE was soOOo funny and dOpe. The kidz that were diggin' couldn't help but BUST A MOVE, haha, kinda reminded me of ME! Sure made me feel out of date with my movez tho. haha Oh yeh AND of course we dropped some ALTERED NATIVES, AD BOURKE & OPOLOPO. Shameless self promotion/infiltration of the youth. ;-P

Thanx to DJ NIKKITA for hookin' me up with an extraordianary gig filled with palm treez, parrotz, afrobeat, WRECKX-N-EFFECT, and laptop congaz...

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