Monday, July 19, 2010

i dream of life reformed on my toez

Inbetween procrastination and DAMN frustration, I find a DIVINE DISTRACTION! This past week has been the FINAL countdown for everyting I have creatively been tryin' to achieve the past 2, um 3 yearz whilst moving to another continent and tryin' to make a living at um, dare I say it...MUSIC! HAHA, is it possible?! VISUALIZE, MATERIALIZE PULEASE!!! I need the earth to breathe for me and PLOP out my baby already here!!!!!

These will surely take you to another dimension...Thanx to 3 ladiez - CHAU HAR LEE, GLORIA COELHO, & ANDREIA CHAVES for helpin' brew my RESTLESS DESIRE for wearable ART...

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