Friday, March 19, 2010


I am feelin' Erykah's NU album ART for RETURN OF THE ANKH by Israeli-American-Portland-based EMEK, The Thinking Man's Poster Artist!

An ethereal coral garden underwater, 3 moons, 3 children, metal armor = protection, keepin' the junk out, escape from the mind, tree of knowledge, fertile and free!!!

Emek's been toted as the man who revived the POSTER ART SCENE. The genius of visual content to go along with the muze!!! Remember all em psychedelic posters Bill Graham had done for the Fillmore circa 1960's in Frisco. Oh those Jimi Hendrix ones were KILLA! Check it!

I have ALWAYS felt so strongly about an artist's visuals being just as strong if not stronger than the muze. Our eyes are far more developed than our ears yeh?

Miz Fuze needs to find a craZy illustrator!!!

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