Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love n' Electrik Goodbyez

I have some DAMN goofy ballz as magical musical budz! Here are some of em precious spirits back home in VanSilly. Love n' Electrik, Joni Love, Aklimatize, Zenobia Salik, Chris Lima, Omar Khan, Ben Arce, Ja Pace, check Deanna Teeple [my sweet scissor soul sis] on Ben's band link, oh and my bro!!! YesS I'm in Stockholm now, as of 4 days, am feelin' all of em smooshy vibez everywhere. Thanku Roxy n Kev for the electrik JAM BAM LOVE! Let the fashion show begin, all we need are some kitchen appliances, a saw, some paper bagz...Missez n' kissez. I saved my ass for last. haha

Miz Fuze is BACK at it again!