Sunday, February 22, 2009

Curtain tassels and shakin' that ass

Phew I'm kinda back to normal, baking banana muffins filled with caramel smoochez and white chocolate hugz. yum yum. ;-)

Still tryin' to catch up wit everyting my end. I have some pics I've been holdin' back too of the nu fam out here. Relentless GOOD energy! [Don't get me wrong, I've met some WHACKKKKK energy too, but I ain't got time for that, I may be sweet, but my mouth can get me into trub with em...haha

Anyways the GOOD folkz n' I are gettin' revved for the RAW FUSION VS. SOULMATES feat. Ian Friday party at Mosebacke next Saturday, no not Friday! haha Perfect cos I'm gonna have to work off the muffins.

Miz Fuze sez it's a belated white Xmas! Check em disco ballz! Forget the mistle toe, hang em curtain tassels everywhere, that's what they do at Malmen's cocktailbaren!!!

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